Why do we ask for your BVN?

Your Bank verification number [BVN] is an 11-digit number that is unique to you, but the same across all the banking institutions you hold money within Nigeria.

The BVN is a measure launched by CBN in collaboration with NIBBS to checkmate fraudulent activities in the Nigerian banking system. During your business verification on Bloc, we request for your BVN as it is legally required to have a BVN before one can proceed to open an account in Nigeria.

Why we ask for your BVN.

In line with CBN Regulations in Nigeria, we must conduct compliance checks on all customers signing up to use banking services on Bloc. This helps us to confirm your identity, understand the type of businesses using Bloc and helps us keep other customers safe.

We use your details only for identity verification purposes, and we do not share your details with any external parties.

Please remember that the data you share with us is secure with bank-grade security, as we comply with the highest security requirements to keep you safe.

How do I get my BVN?

To check your BVN, dial the shortcode- *565*0# on the phone number registered as your financial contact number. You will get a text message with the necessary information.

This service is paid, so you must have at least N20 on your mobile call credit account. This number works for all Nigerian banks and mobile operators.

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