What type of businesses can use Bloc?

Almost all types of businesses can use Bloc's banking and payment solutions, whether registered or unregistered.

These include startups, SMEs, merchants and creators, registered institutions (churches, NGOs, etc), large organizations, microfinance banks, universities and many more.

What makes you eligible to use Bloc?

  1. You are either an unregistered or legally registered business.
  2. If you are a legally registered business, you must provide all required registration documents required for verifying your KYB details.

To learn more about how we verify a business, read this article: How to verify your business on Bloc.

We now support businesses without registration documents.

Unregistered SMEs (known as starter businesses on Bloc) in this category can sign up to use Bloc:

  • Online businesses
  • Healthcare: Healthcare institutions, Pharmaceutical companies
  • Media and Communications: Media houses
  • Telecommunications: TelCos
  • Financial services: FinTechs, SaaS companies, traditional financial institutions,
  • E-Commerce: E-commerce businesses and marketplaces
  • FMCG: Manufacturing businesses
  • Airlines and travel agencies, hospitality businesses, automobile companies, educational institutions,
  • Large organizations- Registered Non-profits and government agencies.
  • Distribution
  • Construction
  • Consulting

The types of registered businesses that are eligible to use Bloc are:

  • Registered Business Name
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Incorporated Trustees.

To learn about the services supported for both registered and unregistered businesses, read this article: Starter and Registered Businesses on Bloc.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Certain types of businesses must provide extra information than we typically collect to make sure that they are compliant with our Compliance and Anti Money Laundering Policy.

  • Gaming businesses: Betting companies and Lottery businesses
  • Super agencies or Agency Banking businesses
  • Microfinance banks
  • Financial institutions
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