How to Get Support

We are invested in seeing your business win.

This is why we have a dedicated Customer Success team available to answer any of your questions and resolve any issues you might have using the Bloc Dashboard or API.

In this article, you'll learn how to reach out to the Support team and what to expect.

How to Contact Support

There are three main ways to contact the Support team.

The Support Chat widget on the Dashboard

The fastest and easiest way to reach out to Support and get the help you need is to click on the Support widget at the bottom left of your dashboard and begin a conversation.

If we are online, we will respond to you within minutes of receiving your message. If we are unavailable, you'll get our response via email, and you can continue speaking with us from the widget.

Our Support Channel on Social Media

Send us a DM on X [Twitter] @blocsupport, or tweet @blocsupport, and our customer success team will be in touch quickly.

We may request for your name and email address alongside a detailed description of your issue. However, we will never ask for your personal details like your account password, OTP code and transaction PIN.

We typically respond to you via email within the hour to keep the conversation easier to track.

Our Support Email Address

Send us an email at [email protected]. If you send it to a different email address, we may not receive it and therefore cannot resolve your issues quickly.

Important to Note:

We will never ask you for account information like your password, OTP Code, PIN or your API keys.

Also, all messages from Bloc, including our Customer Success team, will always come from a email address.

Our Available Times

The Support team is available from 9 AM - 5 PM on weekdays and 12 PM - 3 PM on Saturdays.

However, we are also available for extremely urgent scenarios, such as helping you combat a fraud case or trace a missing transaction connected to suspicious activity.

For API Customers, an alternative option is to reach out on the Bloc Partners Slack Community channels. To join the Slack community, click here: Invitation to Bloc Partners Slack.

However, you won't get faster support compared to the channel listed above because it's hard to keep track, and it may be easy for conversations to be lost in the noise.

Speaking with a Support Representative

Here are some tips when reaching out for Support:

  1. Before you send a message, please feel free to search the Help Center. Your problem may have been answered with an article.
  2. Try to ensure that your request/issue is as detailed and clear as possible from the first message.
  3. When we don't fully understand your problem, please cooperate with us and provide relevant answers to follow-up questions that we ask.
  4. If you've sent a ticket once, please be rest assured that we have received it. Do not create multiple tickets and conversations for the same problem. It makes things really messy and hard to track for you.
  5. While we will always be courteous and respectful, we ask that you are also respectful when speaking with a Support representative.
  6. As much as we want to, not all problems can be solved instantly. Please be patient with us while we work to provide the best resolution for you.
  7. If your problem/issue was resolved, giving feedback is helpful.

How Not to Contact Support

The Support team is dedicated to helping our customers win with our API and Dashboard. Here are a few things we can't help you with:

  1. We are not responsible for partnerships and sponsorships. You can visit the contact page on our website to find the right contact details.
  2. We don't build apps for you. However, we have partnerships with Developer communities that can help you find/build the right team for your app.
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